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Lasting Impact - Father's Day
Are we seeking the kingdom of God or the kingdom of the United States of America? With elaborate patriotic worship services and flags flying, it can become confusing to discern which kingdom we are truly living for. This week’s message helps the believer understand that it takes humility, honesty, and a heart turned toward God to maintain a healthy perspective of our earthly purposes and possessions
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What kind of difference do you make? In your workplace, your home, your school, your church? Would people say you’re a positive influence or a bad influence? If you were to die today, what would people say about you tomorrow?

This principle of making a difference rises right out of this portion of Scripture today.
-The children of Israel have just come out of their second exodus.
-They have spent the last forty years wondering the wilderness aimlessly.
-During this wandering, though, the children of Israel were taken care of.
-They were sustained by the goodness and mercy of God.
-But God’s intention was not for them to live in the wilderness forever.
-They were there as a result of their lack of faith (Numbers 13–14).
-God had great plans for them.
-They weren’t meant to stay there and feed off the small blessing God was giving.

Rather, God was going to provide for them a land rich in soil and a land flowing with milk and honey—the land of Canaan.
-We see in the word today that an unbelieving generation had been dealt with so that the next generation could rise up and move forward.

God himself shows and fulfills the needs for a spiritual leader to lead the next generation and He also uses Joshua as they move forward.
-God desires and needs more Joshua’s.
Big Idea of the Message: Being any kind of leader can be a terrifying feeling. Each Christian, however, no matter their status in life, is called to be a spiritual leader in the lives of the next generation.
1) Lead through the obstacles.
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2) Celebrate the Wins
Things celebrated will get replicated.
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3) Don't downplay your pedigree.
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4) Seek God yourself
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5) Focus on your home
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Application Point: May each dad, mom, grandparent, teenager, and child carry their responsibility to lead the next generation into spiritual growth.