Moses Lake Presbyterian Church
Greater Treasures
Worship March 19
Locations & Times
  • Moses Lake Presbyterian: A Basin Community Church
    1142 W Ivy Ave, Moses Lake, WA 98837, USA
    Sunday 8:30 AM, Sunday 10:00 AM
1. Trust God With Your Reputation
2. Trust God With His Resources
3. Trust God With Your Wellbeing
Home/Group Study
“The most important commandment in the Judeo-Christian tradition is to treasure God and His realm more than anything else. That is what it means to love God with all your heart, soul, mind, and strength. It means to treasure him, to hold him and his – dear, and to protect and aid him in his purposes. Our only wisdom, safety, and fulfillment lies in so treasuring God.” Dallas Willard; The Divine Conspiracy
1. How can a person tell what they actually “seek first” in life?
2. Why do we want people to notice when we do something good? What are the potential problems with looking for the applause of others?
3. How would you define a truly generous person? How would God define a generous person?
4. What holds you back from trusting God to help you be more generous?
5. How would your life look differently if you practiced the 10-10-80 principle with your resources?