Fairlawn Nazarene Church
6.14.20 Worship@FNC
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  • Fairlawn Nazarene Church
    730 SW Fairlawn Rd, Topeka, KS 66606, USA
    Sunday 10:30 AM
Our Offering
You can text an amount to 913.562.6658 and make a donation. Or you can go to our website (fairlawnnaz.org/give) and give. All our electronic giving is safe and secure. Thank you for your generosity!

Father, I come to worship you in my giving.
I acknowledge your blessing IN my life
And your care OF my life.
This is my offering. These are my tithes.
I give today because I trust you completely
With all of my life.
May you supply all my needs
In the days that are ahead.
And may you use my gift to build your Kingdom
And supply the needs of your church.
We started this new series called ALL THE FEELS. All the feels is a slang term to describe an overwhelming emotional reaction. And boy are people having alot of feels right now. Whether it’s the pandemic, race conversation and protesting, even rioting we’ve seen, or job losses or isolation or social distancing, we’re all feeling it. We have all the feels. What does God have to say about how to navigate all these emotions?
It just seems everyone that you come across is facing some type of battle in their life. You have no idea what God might do through a single word of encouragement.
Because I need encouragement, I will freely give it. Because I need it, I assume you probably need it too.
How do we learn to give encouragement?

1. If you think something good, say it.
How do we learn to give encouragement?

1. If you think something good, say it.
2. Encourage yourself!
This phrase "found strength" comes from a Hebrew word “chazaq.” (CHAZ-ACK) It means to tell yourself to be strong. This word implies that you're talking to yourself. In fact, that's probably why the King James Version translated it this way. "But David encouraged himself in the Lord his God." He encouraged himself, he spoke to himself, he told himself of the faithfulness of God. He built himself up not in him but in God!
It's so difficult to remember something positive and it's so difficult to forget something that's negative.
If it were up to you, would you be the biggest voice of encouragement this side of heaven? It is up to you. What adjustments do you need to make today to be encouraged so that you can encourage others?

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