First Southern Baptist Church of Coalinga
Worship Service - March 19, 2017
Worship Service Message Outline and Scriptures for Sunday, March 19, 2017
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  • First Southern Baptist Church of Coalinga
    297 Washington St, Coalinga, CA 93210, USA
    Sunday 11:00 AM
Many of us, when we think about Abraham, think about God’s promise to him that He would make a great nation out of him. We also think about Abraham offering Isaac on Mt. Moriah. Abraham knew God would keep His promises to him and make a great nation for God’s purpose. I’d like to take us back to a time when Abraham (then called Abram) was first called of God, first received a promise from God and when he was first told how to live for God. These first three things also apply to us today.
Let’s look at the first thing now. God first called Abram (Abraham) out of a pagan society, in the land of Ur of the Chaldeans. There were no writings of God’s Word, no corporate temples to worship God, no example of faith in God, but Abram knew God! And because Abram knew God, he was called out from amongst his people and was chosen for God’s work. Turn to
Genesis 12:1.
The calling of Abram to come out of his country and the promise that God would make a great nation out of him, is not unlike what God has told us.
First, God also has called us out of a pagan society, to be a holy nation.
The word “special” or “peculiar”, depending on your translation means in Greek “a purchased possession or in the Latin “an act or thing”. In other words, a distinction of people who are saved. Abram was called out by God to follow Him. Abram woud face challenging questions probably like: Why are you leaving your people? And You say you’re following God? Sound familiar?
To follow Christ comes at a price. Jesus wants to be first over all people and things in your life.
Abram left everything to follow God and his name was changed to Abraham meaning, “father of many nations”. Not only was he the father of the Hebrew nation, Israel, but he also was an example of one putting his faith in God, as countless old and new testament saints have done.
Abram did not have a full comprehension of what God was going to accomplish through him. It took faith for Abram to follow God, not knowing where He would take him, just as we don’t know where God will lead us, nor do we know the extent of what He will do through our faithfulness to Him. There will be ridicule and persecution for following God, that’s why God promised Abram protection in Genesis 15:1.
And our protection is in the strength of the Lord.
So, how do we maintain our relationship with God and His power in our lives? Look at what God told Abraham in Genesis 17:1.
Walk continually in the presence and the favor of God, keeping yourself blameless, and clean in God’s eyes.
God initiated His call on Abram. Let’s look at how God initiates His call on our lives. Turn to John 6:44.
The Holy Spirit works internally in our hearts, drawing or literally dragging us to the knowledge of the saving grace of Christ and His purpose for our lives.
Will we have faith like Abraham, believing God, standing bold in His power and protection, living our lives completely for Him?____________________

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