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The Problem with Legalism
We will study the life and ministry of the Apostle Paul. We will start when he was first mentioned in the book of Acts and follow him through his first missionary journey. Paul, the guy who was the terrorist becomes one of the greatest teachers in the history of the church.
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The DISSENSION involved (v1-6)

The ISSUE (v1)

Men from Judea came down to Antioch

These men were teaching that Gentile believers could not truly be saved unless they were circumcised according to Moses’ Law

The ITINERARY (v2-4)

Paul and Barnabas disagreed with this teaching

This resulted in the church at Antioch sending Paul and Barnabas along with some others to Jerusalem to consult with the Apostles on this divisive issue

On their way to Jerusalem Paula and Barnabas stopped at the churches reporting the conversion of these Gentiles which was resulting in much joy in the churches

When Paul and Barnabas arrived in Jerusalem hey were joyously received by the Apostles and also reported to them all that God was doing in the conversion of these Gentiles


When the issue of if Gentiles had to be circumcised came up, some believers who were of the Pharisees agreed that Gentiles converts had to be circumcised and obey the Law of Moses

As a result, the Apostles and the Elders had a meeting and debated if this requirement was necessary or not
The DISCUSSION involved (v7-18)

Peter’s Words (v7-11)

The WILL of God (v7-9)

It was settled long ago that God chose that the Gentiles would hear the Gospel and believeThis was made very real to Peter when God gave him the vision of the sheet from heaven, prior to the conversion of Cornelius, declaring that God had cleansed what was considered unholy
(Acts 10:13-16)

God gave the believing Gentiles the same Holy Spirit He gave to the believing Jews

God cleansed the believing Gentiles hearts BY FAITH just as He had the believing Jews
The WEIGHT of Legalism (v10)

Adding the condition of circumcision and obeying the Law of Moses for salvation of the Gentiles was a human act

How could the Jews expect the Gentiles of fully obey the Law of Moses when the Jews themselves could not?

The WAY of Salvation (v11)

Salvation is only through the grace of Jesus

Ephesians 2:8-10

Paul and Barnabas’ Words (v12)

Paul an Barnabas attest to the fact that the same salvation the Jews had received was evident in the Gentiles

If it was the same salvation and came by faith alone for the Jews, why would it be different for the Gentiles?
James’ Words

James (the half-brother of Jesus) confirms Peter’s words (he calls him Simeon) earlier that it was God who chose to save the Gentiles as well as the Jews

James shows how this is confirmed in Scripture by quoting Amos 9:11-12 in which the Old Testament foretold that God would save Gentiles

The Amos passage speaks of the coming Millennial Kingdom and clearly teaches that Gentiles would be called by God’s name