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The Celebration of Ministry
We will study the life and ministry of the Apostle Paul. We will start when he was first mentioned in the book of Acts and follow him through his first missionary journey. Paul, the guy who was the terrorist becomes one of the greatest teachers in the history of the church.
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The COURSE of their ministry

Where they have already travelled:

From Antioch to Seleucia
From Seleucia to Salamis (on the island of Cyprus)
From Salamis to Paphos (on the island of Cyrpus)
From Paphos to Perga (in Pamphylia)
From Perga to Antioch (in Pisidia)
From Antioch to Iconium
From Iconium to Lystra
Where the rest of their first journey takes them:

From Lystra to Derbe (v20)

This is about a 40-mile walk

This walk would have been after Paul was stoned

From Derbe back to Lystra, Iconium and Antioch of Pisidia (v21)

He had been stoned previously in Lystra (14:19)

They had to flee Iconium previously due to a plot to kill them (14:5-6)

They had been drive out of Antioch previously (13:50)

Strengthening the disciples in these cities was a greater priority than the danger to them that still existed

From Antioch to Perga (in Pamphylia)

In Perga they “spoke the Word”

There is no indication that they had preached in Perga earlier (13:13-14)

They are leaving nothing undone

From Perga to Attalia (also in Pamphylia)
where they sailed back to Antioch where their journey had first started (v24-26)
The CORE of their ministry

Evangelism (v21)

They preached the Gospel

This preaching resulted in people following Jesus

Discipleship (v22)

They strengthened the disciples in their knowledge

Strengthening believers is a priority in the book of Acts (15:32, 41) (18:23)

This happens by teaching the Word of God - Acts 20:31-32 (1 John 2:14)

They encouraged the disciples in their adversity
Leadership Development (v23)

Establishing Elders in each city was Paul and Barnabas’ long term plan for strengthening and encouraging these churches and for further evangelism in the cities

This was not taken lightly as prayer and fasting were involved in the selection of these elders

The CELEBRATION of their ministry (v26-28)

Paul and Barnabas return to Antioch where they were first commissioned to this venture (13:2-3)

Paul and Barnabas show their accountability to the church that sent them by giving them a report of all that happened on their trip

The emphasis was not on what Paul and Barnabas did but what God did and how He had opened the door to the Gentiles

Paul takes two more missionary journeys - his second journey is seen in Acts 15:36-18:22; his third journey is seen in Acts 18:23-20:38)