Hope Evangelical Free Church
Worship Service 3/5/17
Join us at 8:50 am for Breakfast and Fellowship followed by Small Group Studies for all ages at 9:10 am. Worship service starts at 10:15 am. Join us for songs, prayer, children's message and sermon by our pastor, JG Wood.
Locations & Times
  • Hope Evangelical Free Church
    5376 Raymond Stotzer Pkwy, College Station, TX 77845, USA
    Sunday 8:50 AM
SERMON: The Great Deception

Have questions about the sermon? Topics you’d like to explore? Songs you would like to hear? Fill out the Q&A cards in the back of the pew.
Why did the Gibeonites deceive the Israelites?
What evidence did Joshua and the elders use in making their decision?
What people have you allowed into your life that are hurting you spiritually? What will you do about it?
In what ways are we similar to the Gibeonites?
Why is it important to seek God's wisdom in all things?
Weekly Announcements
Sundays 8:50 am – Breakfast & Fellowship Breakfast Next Week – Nelda Bravenec
9:10 am – Sunday School for all ages 10:15 am – Worship Service
2:00 pm – Carriage Inn Ministry Today – Ronnie Horcica
Next Week – Lyndon & Maude Jakubik
Wednesdays 6:30 pm – Prayer Service & Youth Group
Thursdays 6:30 pm – Women’s Bible Study with light meal

Mar 7 6:03 pm – Growth Committee Meeting
7:00 pm – EFCA Women’s Ministry (one week early)
Mar 12 – Spring Forward – Don’t be late!
Mar 13-17 – Spring Break for most area youth
Mar 25, 9:00 am – Church Work Day
Mar 26 – Roman & Yoena Montelongo, Missionaries from Mexico will lead the service and music
Birthdays and Anniversaries
Mar 6 – ♥ Frank & Mildred Junek
Mar 9 – Sharyle Macik
Mar 15 - Donald Jakubik
Clean Out Your Closet!
The EFCA Women’s Ministry is having a Garage & Bake Sale on Apr. 1. Donations gladly accepted. Help setting up and tearing down will be greatly appreciated. You may begin bringing items to the Fellowship Hall. Please, no broken or badly worn items.