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Journey's Crossing Sunday Service
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  • 19401 Crystal Rock Dr, Germantown, MD 20874, United States
    Sunday 9:30 AM, Sunday 11:15 AM

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Money, sex, and power. These are three good gifts of God, three opportunities to show his supreme value and worth. Yet they can also be three dangerous pitfalls. In these areas of life most of all, we reveal what matters most. What did God intend for us when He created these appealing and often all-consuming things that compete for the affections of our heart? There is destruction when money, sex, and power become the object of our devotion. But when they are rightly seen as blessings from the One who is worthy of our devotion, there is great beauty. Over the next three weeks, we’ll see what misplaced devotion can look like and do to us, but also what could happen in and through us if we were radically devoted to rightness.
1. ___________ diminishes my ___________:
· To ___________
· To ___________
· To ___________
And it also diminishes my capacity…
· To ___________ what needs to be ___________.
· To ___________r what needs to be ___________.
· To ___________ what needs to be ___________.
2. ___________crowds___________ out___________
3.. ___________crowds___________ out___________
The invitation to follow ___________ is an invitation to unfollow ___________.
The amazing example:
· Jesus initiated ___________.
Pride says, “___________.” Jesus says, “___________”
Three Questions
1. How does pride ___________ itself in me?
2. What does pride ___________ as in me?
3. How much longer do I plan to let pride hold the ___________?
My Decision Today:
· I will humbly identify and confess my pride struggles to myself & God.
· I will be open to the idea that pride, more than intellect, is what's holding me back.
· I will resist my pride and be baptized today.
· I will share with someone else how I’m going to start killing pride in my life.