Spartanburg 1st Church of the Nazarene
Winsome...Learner, part 05
June 7, 2020
Locations & Times
  • Spartanburg 1st Church of the Nazarene
    9149 Asheville Hwy, Boiling Springs, SC 29316, USA
    Sunday 10:35 AM
    Sunday 10:35 AM
”Christianity means nothing less than a rich and growing personal knowledge of God by reason of our relationship to Jesus Christ”
-Eldon R. Fuhrman
”Grace and peace increase as we move forward in our knowledge of God, for Christian experience is never static”
-Eldon R. Fuhrman
”[God’s] gifts are granted for the purpose of helping us live godly lives; that is, lives that veer more and more toward God and holy things”
-Eldon R. Fuhrman
“Through faith we receive a knowledge, a partaking, a communion in the divine nature as shared with man by God in Christ”
-Eldon R. Fuhrman
“Faith is the root of the Christian life; works are the fruit of faith”
-Eldon R. Fuhrman
Virtue: excellence, courage, or moral goodness; valor accrued in the discharge of Christian duty; moral power developed by standing true in the test
Knowledge: knowledge of God, of divine things in general; a seasoned moral wisdom that comes as a result of living by faith
Temperance: self-control, both inward and outward, in the use of all things lawful
Patience: endurance or steadfastness in faith during trial and suffering
Godliness: piety, reverence, a state of soul in which the individual seeks to conform to the mind of God in all things, by the power of the Holy Spirit within
Brotherly Kindness: love to a brother in the Christian faith
Charity (agape love): the pure and perfect love of God and of all mankind (Wesley)
Four Blessings of Growing in Faith: increased fruitfulness; sustained perspective [long view]; an assured perseverance; a promised promotion [eternal life]”-Eldon R. Fuhrman
“If we fail to add to our faith, we shall become idle, and spiritual failures”
-Eldon R. Fuhrman
Growth in Christ is necessary. The Christian life is not static. The person of God must mature in their faith. Our growth is a witness to the power of God at work in us.