First UMC of Laurel
The World Embroils
New Believers - One thing we find out - when we grow and mature in our faith walk - the more we walk with Jesus the more sin or the worldly ways attack us. Satan is active in trying to tempt us to sin.
Locations & Times
  • First UMC of Laurel
    424 Main St, Laurel, MD 20707, USA
    Sunday 8:15 AM, Sunday 11:00 AM
Not only are Christians damaging to new believers and each other through hypocrisy
The world can be damaging as well - attacking our roots - our faith
The world around us tends to draw us away from Christ
If you really love me you will…?
In order to be in our group you must…?
Try it just once - it won’t kill you?
One bad apple spoils the bushel
There are people in this world who do not believe
I’m not sure how anyone can face death without faith
There are people who do not believe in a resurrection of the dead
Do not allow the world to decide what you believe
The Bible speaks about everything