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Sowing and Reaping
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We are so glad that you could celebrate with us today.

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1. God has built into our lives the PROMISE of sowing seed and reaping harvests.
2. In the spiritual realm, we will REAP what we SOW.
3. Sowing simply means doing GOOD FOR ALL.
Discussion Questions
1. On a scale of 1-10, what is your Farming Quotient? 1 = “I’ve never set foot on a farm” or “I eat corn.” 10 is “I grew up on a farm” or “I am a farmer.” Share your experience.

2. When you hear “you reap what you sow,” does that feel more like a warning or a promise to you? How can both be true? Give examples you’ve seen of the sowing-reaping principle.

3. During this pandemic, how can you continue to sow seeds through doing good for all people? To whom can you build a bridge through service, relationships, compassion, or wellness?

4. How are you tempted to weariness or giving up on doing good for all? Read v. 9. How can this verse inspire you to keep going strong?

5. Valley Church has dozens and dozens of Community Bridges. How are you involved in one of them? Or what kind of Community Bridge interests you the most?