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When we cry out to God, He will answer us. When Jesus calls us, nothing else compares to listening to His voice. Let's examine what lessons a blind man can teach us about following Jesus and what this means for our lives.
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Worship in Prayer

Let’s join together as the church to declare our gratitude and lift our requests to God as we surrender together to His will for us. Praying together is not limited to our gatherings on Sundays, we can pray together daily as the church! As you pray through these 6 areas, use this prayer guide to help your daily prayer focus all week long

Give thanks and pray:
- for your family
- for your church family, friends, and neighbours
- for our pastors, staff and church leaders
- for healthcare and front line workers
- for Our City and government
- for our EMCC denomination and our Mission Partners

Visit our website for a more detailed Prayer Guide

Worship Through Giving

Giving back to God is a regular expression of worship, gratitude and praise.  See our giving options. Offering Prayer: God thank you for everything that you have provided to us. We give back to you as an expression of worship, gratitude, and praise for who you are. You are a good good father. Thank you that through this challenging time, we are assured that we do not need to worry, but trust that you will provide for our needs. Help us to be generous with what you have given, and lead us into opportunities to bless and serve others with the resources you have given to us. In Jesus' name. Amen


Kyle Smith, Youth Ministry Director - Faith In Action
Jericho was a rich, popular, resort city. So having beggars at this road leading in and out of Jericho was a logical place for beggars to be.
Beggars were a very common sight in most cities because the jobs and careers of that day required hard physical labour. If you couldn't perform the physical labour jobs a person usually needed to beg.
Q: What actions did this blind man take?
1. Unashamedly crying out to God for help.

- God isn’t annoyed or inconvenienced when you ask Him for help.
2. He persevered and endured through tough times by coming to Jesus.

- Persevering and getting through hard times is important, this way Jesus can develop endurance in us and Jesus can help us, heal us, and be with us.
3. Respond to Jesus and obey God as soon as possible.

- The secret of doing God’s will = Pray + Obey.

- We do not want to get used to ignoring the voice of God and His promptings in our lives because this can make it harder for us to hear from God.

- Obedience helps us to hear God’s voice clearer and more often.
4. Getting rid of whatever prevents us from coming to Jesus.

- Bart got rid of his cloak/robe.

- What is your cloak? What slows you down and prevents you from coming to God?

- Is your cloak an out of control schedule?

- Or perhaps your cloak is loving things of this world a bit too much (sports, hobbies, TV) things that take us away from regular time with God.

- Is your cloak a reoccurring sin or bad habit, that makes you feel guilty to be with God or attend church afterwards?
5. Follow and thank Jesus for His involvement in our lives.

- Luke 18:43

- Bartimaeus' immediate response was to follow and thank Jesus!

- Being thankful changes our perspective and helps us realize how involved God is in our day!

- Thankfulness gives the credit to God and leads others to thank God and see how good Jesus is.
What action is Jesus calling you to take today?
· Ask God what He wants you to do today.
What is Jesus calling you to do today?
What are you going to do about it?

Kids Resources

We want to do our best to provide resources for families with young children.- Songs of Worship that your kids will know from Preschool Praisers or Kids Konnection. - Access to our HomeFront resource. - Additional ideas and resources in crafting a child friendly service email our Children’s Ministry Director, Cheryl Goings.

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