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When we read the scripture…full of scriptures on praise or giving God praise.
We were created to give God praise.
Many times we limit our praise to church…Or we do it when things are great.

What happens though when things aren’t going our way?
Acts of the Apostles 16:22-26 NLT



• Praise is not just for good times - This was not a good time…this wasn’t a convenient.
Many times praise will cost you something.

• Praise is a choice not a feeling

• Sometimes your situation has to take you to the point of desperation where you get out of your comfort zone and begin to praise.


• Praise changes not only our perspective of our problems…but of our God.

• When you magnify God…you see a big God and little problems.

• Problems have then potential to drown out our praise. They made a decision not to let their circumstances break them.

• We can let our circumstances break our praise, or our praise break our circumstances.

•You can see your circumstance as your prison, or as an opportunity to see God move.
•Your praise has the power to break you out of what is breaking you.

3.Praise sets the atmosphere for God to move.

• When we begin to praise it opens the heavens and invites God into our situation.
• Praise is the doorway to his presence

• Praise brought the presence of God in and He moved on their behalf…not only for them, but for others! Praise impacts those around you.

• How many people does God was to impact on the other side of your praise?

Paul and Silas didn’t have to do anything but pray and praise…God did the rest. When you praise BEFORE God moves…your faith is activated and it moves God.

• When you praise…God fights for you. It’s a weapon.

When we praise, God goes before us and does what we cannot do.

God wants us to emerge with a new song in our mouth. So when midnight comes...praise is our response.

You might think…I don’t have a reason to praise…here’s just a few from David

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