Cornerstone Community Church
Where does FAITH take us in a time like this?
Jesus: our Cornerstone
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  • Kutztown University: Boehm Science Hall Room 145
    15200 Kutztown Rd, Kutztown, PA 19530, USA
    Sunday 10:30 AM

Cornerstone Community Church

Leading people to Jesus and fully following Him together.

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Jesus: our Cornerstone
Where does FAITH take us in a time like this?
4 questions we are asking:

1. How can we fully follow Jesus in this environment?

2. How can we minimize physical health risks?

3. How can we respect our governing authorities?

4. What would be the best testimony to our community?
Where does FAITH take us in a time like this?


1. Fix my eyes on the Savior
2. Bury my nose in the Bible
3. Get my feet on the street
Bible Knowledge Commentary (p74):

“It is difficult to exaggerate the importance of Moses in Judaism, and the veneration with which he was regarded.”
“MOSES was faithful as a servant IN all God’s house.”

“But CHRIST is faithful as a son OVER God’s house.”
What RESOURCES does Jesus offer me?

2. JOY
When we trust MAN’S WISDOM over God’s wisdom WE LIMIT OURSELVES to MAN’S BLESSINGS rather than God’s blessings.
Our strategy for growing healthy Christians:

Keep your eyes on JESUS.
Bury your nose in the BIBLE.
Get your feet on the street.
Next Steps

Which of these does God want you to focus on this week?

1. Fix my eyes on the SAVIOR
2. Bury my nose in the BIBLE.
3. Get my feet on the street.

1.Is there anything specific pulling my eyes off of Jesus?

2.Is there something I want to change about the quality or quantity of my time in the Bible?

3.Have I become passive about an aspect of my spiritual health or about sharing my faith?
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