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Ruins Rebuilt - Enemy of Rebuilding
Nehemiah 4 - The Battle Begins
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Wisdom for those on the frontlines of the response to COVID-19 and those creating a vaccine for the virus.

Safety for first responders as well as for those who work at hospitals, clinics and emergency rooms.

Wisdom for governmental leaders around the globe.

Protection for those vulnerable to contracting COVID-19.

Healing and well-being for those already infected with the virus.

Freedom from fear, anxiety and feelings of isolation for those under quarantine.

Provision for those financially impacted by this crisis.

A spirit of peace to displace a spirit of fear.
Questions we should be asking:
What needs to be rebuilt?
What needs to be restored?
What new should I add to life?
What needs to be left in the past?
God created mankind for:
Rulership means a recovery of:
•Personal Identity
•Stabilized Temperament and Character
Goals of Rebuilding:

1.Get our individual lives together in a way that will practically affect the future both for our families and ourselves.

2.As a people, unite to achieve goals that would forever affect our city, nation, our world.
According to scripture, Satan is the embodiment of everything hateful; the sum of all that is hellish and the chief spirit manipulating the violence of evil men and the viciousness of deadly disease.
The Lord has not called us futility but to victory!
1.He will attack your weaknesses

What are those feeble Jews doing? Will they restore their wall?
2. He will attack your worship.

Will they offer sacrifices?
3. He will attack the pace of your progress.

Will they finish in a day?
4. He will ridicule your building materials.

Can they bring the stones back to life from those heaps of rubble – burned as they are?
God is willing to remove the pain of your past and draw broken pieces back together again.

Jesus said, “The spirit of the Lord is upon me to bind up the brokenhearted…”

Hope is the breath of the Holy Spirit!

Hope is yours and mine to keep and to know that we will never be embarrassed by God for having hoped in God’s grace.

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