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Sunday Morning Worship (January 22nd, 2017)
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    Sunday 10:00 AM
Week 4:
"A Father's Undignified Love"

Leaving home always begins with the heart… never the feet.

"Secret sin is open scandal in heaven.”
The son's actions = Repentance
He took responsibility, named those affected, and sought to return with no expectations.

How would you expect your Father to react had you rebelled like this?

We have a skewed view of our Heavenly Father when:
• We compare Him to our earthly one
• We pursue happiness, not holiness
• We believe good works merit acceptance

So how did the Father react?
–He didn't react, He responded!
His response was UNDIGNIFIED
1– appearing foolish and unseemly
2– unsuitable, improper, unbecoming

How does the father's response mirror that of our Heavenly Father?
1. He calls for our return.
2. He longs for our return.
3. He prepares for our return.

It is not okay to be swallowed up by guilt and remorse because of our sin.
(Worldly sorrow = BONDAGE)

It is okay to feel the weight of our sin and its consequences on us and others.
(Godly sorrow = FREEDOM)

It is our repentance... not our rebellion,
the depths of His love...not our despair, and
His ability and desire to forgive...not our folly
that Jesus promotes with this parable.