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A Preacher in Limbo
We will study the life and ministry of the Apostle Paul. We will start when he was first mentioned in the book of Acts and follow him through his first missionary journey. Paul, the guy who was the terrorist becomes one of the greatest teachers in the history of the church.
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His PREACHING (v19-20)

Saul spent the first few days after regaining his sight with believers in Damascus

Instead of entering the synagogues and arresting followers of Jesus, Saul entered and declared Jesus as Son of God


Those who heard him preach were amazed (literally, staggered)

This was due to their knowing his reputation as one who destroyed followers of Jesus and who knew his intended purpose


Saul increased in strength

Saul’s effectiveness was in debating/proving the truth of Christ

Verse 23 begins, “When many days had elapsed,” which is a reference to the 3 years he spent in Arabia described in Galatians
Saul’s Training (Galatians 1:10-18)

The AUTHORITY of Paul’s Message (v10-12)

The issue of MOTIVE (v10)

The motive behind his ministry was not pleasing men

The word “still” shows that this had been Saul’s aim prior

You can’t be committed to pleasing men and pleasing God

The issue of MANNER (v11-12)

Paul’s message was not devised by man nor did Paul receive it from man

Paul’s message was given to him directly from Christ

This is inspiration as seen in 2 Peter 1:20-21
The ATTAINING of Paul’s Message (v13-18)

The TESTIMONY of Paul (v13-16a)

What was Paul’s life like before finding Christ? (v13-14)

He persecuted the church (goal = to destroy)
He was advancing in Judaism beyond all others
He was committed to Judaism and its traditions

How did Paul find Christ (v15-16a)

God has a purpose for Paul before his conversion
When the timing was right, God revealed Himself
This conversion brought great change in Paul’s life

The TEACHING of Paul (v16b-18)

What did Paul not do?

He did not consult with any human
He did not consult with church leaders in Jerusalem

What did Paul do?

He went away to Arabia (barren wilderness)
It was here that God taught him

How long did Paul do this?

Paul was in Arabia for 3 years
He returned to Damascus where it picks up in Acts 9:23

How is this a pattern of God in preparing His servants?

Moses spent 40 years in the dessert tending sheep before God used him to lead Israel out of Egypt

David spent 13 years after his anointing as king and killing of Goliath as a fugitive before he took the throne

Joseph spent 2 years in an Egyptian prison before he became 2nd in command, saving people from starvation

Elijah spent three years besides a brook after bolding standing before King Ahab before God sent him again

John the Baptist spend most of his adult life in the wilderness before God used him to herald the Messiah

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