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James 5:19-20
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Church has become something we GO TO instead of something we ARE
We think of Christianity as a PRIVATE RELATIONSHIP
We have nowhere to live out the "ONE ANOTHER'S" of Scripture
1. Genuinely Known
2. Lovingly Supported
3. Honestly Challenged
Some things are too big to face alone
Confession is not just for Catholics
Who am I putting up with?

Ephesians 4:2
Who am I showing hospitality to?

1 Peter 4:9
Whose burden am I bearing?

Galatians 6:2
Who am I confessing my sins to?

James 5:16

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Community Group Notes
For the week of January 15, 2017
(Questions and Scriptures for further personal study)

1. This weekend Pastor Mike mentioned that there are over 30 "one another" commands in the New Testament that can’t take place in a large group of casual acquaintances and strangers. Below are a few of these “one anothers.” After reading each verse below, identify the "one another" command in each one.
Romans 12:10
Romans 12:16
Romans 14:13
Romans 15:7
Romans 15:14
Colossians 3:16

If you’ve been in a Community Group or other small group Bible study before, can you think of any times when you’ve seen any of these “one anothers” being put into action in your group?

If you’ve haven’t been in a Community Group before, which one or two of these would you most like to see happen in your new group?

2. Pastor talked about how the church has become something we go to instead of something we are. Why do you think so many Christians are willing to settle for a concept of church which is nothing more than a weekly concert with a lecture?

Can you think of any attitudes, actions, or perspectives that a person would need to change in order to go from considering the church as simply a place and a program, to viewing it as a community of believers where you develop significant relationships?