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Sunday May 17, 2020 Online Worship Gathering
Online Worship Gathering of Kihei Baptist Chapel. Series: Words of Life - The Gospel of John. Today's Text: John 4:46-54. Today's Title: When Believing is Believing.
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When Believing is Believing (John 4:46-54)

The Setting (John 4)

Jesus left Samaria and travels through His home town of Nazareth in Galilee and back to Cana where He turned water into wine at the Wedding Feast.

The purpose of the gospel of John is "Believing" see John 20:30-31
The Official's situation was urgent. His son was near to death. He "asked" Jesus ... literally repeatedly and urgently begged him desperately to come with him to heal his son.
You ... in verse 48 is plural. Jesus is speaking to the man but including the entire audience.

The Galileans in Cana were a stark contrast with the Samaritans of Sychar.
Unrelenting, the man continues to appeal to Jesus to come and heal his precious "little one".

It would do them no good to accept Jesus for His Miracles but reject His message.
Go is an imperative. It creates a dilemma for the official.
Going would require faith. Staying would suggest doubt.
The man's faith is described by "believed". He took Jesus at His word. Faith is often simply that.
7. The Recognition (John 4:52)
The servants made it clear that his son began to recover at the exact time that Jesus said, "Go! Your son will live"
Your Response to the Gospel of Jesus?

Repent - Change your mind.
Believe - Trust in Him not just about Him
Follow - Make the choice to be His disciple


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