Flushing Community Church of the Nazarene
Freedom part 3: To Love
Located at 9500 W. Pierson Road, Flushing Michigan "We desire to experience the transforming love of God and share it with others."
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  • Flushing Community Church
    9500 W Pierson Rd, Flushing, MI 48433, USA
    Sunday 9:30 AM, Sunday 11:00 AM

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The Lord calls all who follow His way to live generous lives - starting with the church. FCC faithfully invests all the funds it receives to impact the community and world for Christ. Thanks for your generosity by giving at the church today (stations available at the door or welcome center) or follow this link to discover online giving!

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What are some interesting facts about The Book of Romans?
Have you ever worried over something or had such grief over the condition of a loved one that caused you to lose sleep? Lose your appetite?
> Bitter Sorrow: ANATHEMA - “devoted to God for utter destruction and without hope of being redeemed”
What could be the "behavior and customs of this world" that Paul is speaking of here? How has "religion" gotten in the way of our ability to LOVE?
Main Takeaway for Today:
Don’t just PRETEND to love others. Really LOVE them.
>> Who is in your life that you LOVE deeply and easily, and you’d be willing to do anything in order to change their current circumstances?

>> Who is in your life that you LOVE naturally but haven’t shared about God’s unyielding, unmatched, and relentless love?

>> Who is in your life that is difficult to love? You pretend to love them … but inside, you really don’t and you know it!