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Ruins Rebuilt - View at Night
Nehemiah 2 - No Condemnation
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Wisdom for those on the frontlines of the response to COVID-19 and those creating a vaccine for the virus.

Safety for first responders as well as for those who work at hospitals, clinics and emergency rooms.

Wisdom for governmental leaders around the globe.

Protection for those vulnerable to contracting COVID-19.

Healing and well-being for those already infected with the virus.

Freedom from fear, anxiety and feelings of isolation for those under quarantine.

Provision for those financially impacted by this crisis.

A spirit of peace to displace a spirit of fear.
Questions we should be asking:
What needs to be rebuilt?
What needs to be restored?
What new should I add to life?
What needs to be left in the past?
God created mankind for:
Rulership means a recovery of:
•Personal Identity
•Stabilized Temperament and Character
Goals of Rebuilding:

1.Get our individual lives together in a way that will practically affect the future both for our families and ourselves.

2.As a people, unite to achieve goals that would forever affect our city, nation, our world.
God’s Word reveals again and again how he brought major victory in the midst of darkness:

•Creation light sprang into the darkness of chaos
•Jacob wrestled all night and gained a new identity
•Israel’s Passover deliverance took place at night
•Gideon’s battle began in the Midnight hour
•The scene at Calvary was immersed in inky blackness even though it was midday.
•Even when Jesus comes again, it will be as a “thief in the night.”
Dark times are intended for your rest. When they come, lean back, recline in the ever loving arms of the Almighty. Flailing in the dark achieves nothing. Allow the Holy Spirit to work in and through us God’s loving purpose.
God’s delays are not necessarily denials! God is never in a hurry!

We must remember that the gifts and the fruit of the Spirit aren’t unwrapped with haste or grown at a moment’s notice. IF THINGS AREN’T HAPPENING FAST, YOU ARE NOT UNWORTHY, YOU ARE NORMAL!!!!
1. Valley Gate

For us to see restoration of our lives and look with confidence toward the future, we must FINALLY and CONCLUSIVELY deal with our past. We must BREAK LOOSE from CONDEMNATION
Jackal or Serpent Well

Just as Valley Gate represented the Holy Spirit’s reminding us of our security over the past, the Serpent Well reminds us that through Christ, we have victory over the Devil’s attempts to rob us of the daily joy of our salvation.
REMEMBER: GOD CHOOSES TO FORGET OUR SINS. HE LOOKS AT US AND SAYS, “Because my sinless Son’s record of righteousness is now applied to you, and because I have no instance of sin to recall about Him, I can’t think of anything you’ve done that displeases me.”

That’s what JUSTIFICATION means to your and I.
2. Dung Gate

As completely as our past sins are forgiven and our position secured in God’s love, the need still exists for maintaining our heart’s purity before God.
The Holy Spirit doesn’t point to our sin to condemn us but to lead us to repentance and out of darkness into a place of new light in Him.
3. Fountain Gate - Living Word of God

Just as it was impossible to sustain life without the refreshing water from the valley, so it is impossible for a believer to survive apart for the continuous interaction with the Word of God.
King's Pool - Baptism with the Holy Spirit

Be filled with the Spirit! He will:
•Alleviate your thirst
•Strengthen you when you are under attack
•Provide refreshment through daily prayer and praise in the Spirit, and
•Release a flow of Christ’s healing power through you to others.
Step through the Valley Gate and settle your past once and for all.

Recognize the purpose of the Dung Gate and seek daily awareness and cleansing

Be refreshed at the Fountain Gate and be filled with the Holy Spirit.

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