Virginia Hills Church
“The Bible Doesn’t Say That” (Money is the root of all evil)
Join us this Sunday at 10:00 am as Randall Anderson preaches on “The Bible Doesn’t Say That" Part 4
Locations & Times
  • VA Hills Church
    737 Rockland Rd, Front Royal, VA 22630, USA
    Sunday 11:00 AM
  • Virginia Hills Church
    Sunday 10:00 AM
Beware of using your _____________________ against those who are
_________________________. God ___________ it!
How to not fail: _______________.
Join the fight: Hit _____________ at its’ ____________.
Use your ______________________ to help those who are
_________________________. God ___________ it!
This is ______ being the ______________.
We give ________________ the church, not _____ the church.
The ____________ puts us at an _____________________.
We use our advantages to be a ________________ to those _______

What ____________________ do you have?
How can you _______ them to _________ others?

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Community Group Study Questions:
Spend some time prayerfully answering the following questions in preparation for this week’s Community Group discussion.

Have you “tested the waters” since restrictions lifted? How can we pray for you?

Discussion questions:
Were you aware that this weeks’ statement, “money is the root of all evil”, was incomplete?

Why is money such a sensitive topic?

Read Mark 12:41-44. What lessons can we learn from this passage?

Do you ever equate gain with godliness? (In other words, is prosperity a sign of spirituality & poverty a lack of)

Can we be blessed in ways that aren’t financial? How so?

Can we bless others in ways that aren’t financial? How so?

Read Mathew 6:19-21. How do we “lay up treasures in heaven”?

What does this passage teach us about the connection between money and our heart?

Is there a different mindset when we give THROUGH the church, rather than TO the church?

10. Have you ever considered that giving through the church helps many with their hurts, and helps many more avoid the hurts altogether?