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Care For Our Souls - Part 1
Dan DeRoche | Psalm 103:1-3
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    1000 E Riverview Expy, Wisconsin Rapids, WI 54494, USA
    Friday 7:05 PM

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"Bless the Lord" means to speak well of Him
Soul Comfort #1 : He forgives ALL your iniquity
“Sin dries out souls, leaving parts of our inward lives hardened against God.”-Lee Eclov
There is a fountain filled with blood
Drawn from Immanuel’s veins;
And sinners, plunged beneath that flood,
Lose all their guilty stains
Soul Comfort #2 : He heals your diseases
Diseases of the soul are things like:
· Fear, insecurities
· Need for other’s approval
· Need to be noticed and recognized
· Need to put others down so we can promote ourselves
· Need to keep emotionally distant
· An arrogance and pride in our hearts
The amazing promise:
God heals the diseases of the soul
Ask God what diseases of the soul do you carry around with you?

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