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True Story - Part 2
Kevin Deming — Christmas - is it a 2000-year-old tale or, indeed, a true story?
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True Story - Part 2 [December 3/4, 2016] Kevin Deming

Just because you think God is silent, doesn't mean He is not working.

Crossroads in life
Seasons of hurt
God seems silent
does not equal
God is not working
"Live in such a way that if someone were to say something bad about you, no one would believe it."
4 Things to do while waiting on God:
1. Think about the areas that you are waiting on God.
2. Pray for God to use those times to make you more like Him.
3. Pursue God even when it is uncomfortable.
4. Trust that He is working even if it seems like He is silent.
Just because you think God is silent, doesn't mean He is not working.
Discussion Questions:

1. As a child, did you find it hard to wait for Christmas? What did you do to help the time go by faster?

2. Read Luke 1:5-25. What is something that is interesting about this story to you?

3. How do you think Zechariah and Elizabeth were feeling before the Angel told them they would have a child?

4. Take a minute and talk about the quote, “Live in such a way that if someone said something bad about you, no one would believe it.”

5. Do you know anyone who had to endure hardship for a long period of time and they still remained faithful to God? What happened?

6. Was there at time in your life when you felt like you were waiting on God for something? Did you wonder if God was listening or still active in your life? Why or why not?

7. What comes to mind when you think of the phrase, “Even though God is silent it doesn’t mean He is not working.” How have you seen this true in your life?

8. In what ways does this story remind us that God still cares? How can we use this story to help us during the Christmas Season and beyond?

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