Molina Baptist Church
Worship 11/20/2016
The closing application from the letter to the Hebrews focuses on sacrifices, trust in others and prayer for one another. Three important "To Do's" in the Christian life. Join us for more.
Locations & Times
  • Molina Baptist Church House
    53039 K E Rd, Molina, CO 81646, USA
    Sunday 11:00 AM
I. Offer sacrifices through Christ and continually.
A. There is a vertical dimension to sacrifice: Love God.
1. Offer God spontaneous and planned praise.
2. Openly agree with and align yourself with His Name.
B. There is a horizontal dimension to sacrifice: Love others.
1. Do not forget to do good every day.
2. Share with others.

II. Trust and submit to your spiritual leaders.
A. Leadership is a chosen way Christ rules over us (Romans 13.1).

B. Allow yourself to be persuaded to obey God’s word.
C. Leaders will be accountable to God for their leadership.
D. It’s to our own benefit to make overseeing us a joy.

III. Pray for one another.
A. The Church depends on mutual prayers.
B. Pray for Christ’s equipping and work in us.
BIG IDEA: The final words of Hebrews focus on sacrifices, trust, and prayer.

From the Bulletin
Monday 6:00 Choir
Wednesday: 2:00pm, Prayer at GVNB Conference Room
Thursday: 8:00am, Prayer for Missions & Community here
Friday: 9:00am - Noon, Sanctus Academy
This month we will be highlighting the work of Operation Christmas Child
Bring Clothing items for kids sizes 2-16
Prayer Requests
Family of Marlin Echevery - who passed away last week.
Family of Dick Wight, Anna Lopez, Clifford Hill and Larry Price
Family of Kathy Harris - her father passed away
Deniese Grigger - ICU - sister of Mike Taylor
Hannah Johnson - 3 yrs old, serious foot & leg injuries - much improved;
Leslie Nisbet - recovery from concussion and Meniere’s Disease;
Tom Merritt - Accident recovery; Darlene Merritt - Heart issues;
Christians and other groups undergoing brutal treatment;
Those impacted by environmental disasters

Susan Nichols' nephew Robbie - blood clot in heart and multiple health issues.
Syd Schramm - knee infection; Bob Johnson; Barbara Hill;
Dave Brant - difficulty swallowing after surgery;
Harold Lee Watkins, Praise for healed heart issues - now can have the needed surgery;
Family of Paula Jones for multiple family health issues;
Sandy Dubois and Paula Johnson - chronic health issues;
Leslie Nisbet’s brother, Job, has no brain lesions but still has lung cancer; Anna Lopez;
Mark Wyckoff, Jack Nisley, Lori Johnson’s mother - all suffering with cancer
Clifford Hill - Bone Cancer 248-4978 - Direct line at the VA

OUR MISSIONS: Bridges - Jordan; Johnsons - Digital Bible Translations;
Myers - Bulgaria; Woodrings YWAM;
Also Awana, Young Life & Wyldlife, Sanctus Academy, Job Corps,
Voice of the Martyrs, Gideons, Compassion International, OCC (Shoebox gifts)