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There is But One Master
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I. An explanation of slavery during the Roman Empire
II. Paul’s guidance for slaves and masters vv. 5-9

· A Christian slave works as though he works for Christ. vv. 5-8

o Work with respect for Christ. v. 5a
o Work with a spirit of honesty and integrity for Christ. vv. 5b-6
o Work with the right attitude for Christ. v. 7
o Work with eternity in mind for Christ. v. 8
· A Christian master treats his slaves in the same manner he would Christ. v. 9

o Treat your slaves in the way you want to be treated.
o Avoid using threats and intimidation.
o Know that you have a Master in heaven.
o There is no favoritism with God.
III. Personal Application

· Employee

o Allow Christ to work through you in the work place.
o Follow the example of Christ in the work place.
o Work as though you are working for the Lord.
· Employer

o Allow Christ to lead through you in the work place.
o Follow the example of Christ with servanthood leadership in the work place.
o Lead with the understanding you have an accountability to the Lord.

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