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1. A place with harps, clouds, and St. Peter at the gate!
2. A bland place of rest and contemplation.
3. A place of dull, heavy, repetitive music.
4. A place where we become angels.
5. A place where we need church buildings, tissues, scales, medicine, flashlights, or keys!!
1. Death is an end and a new beginning.
2. Death is the separation of body (temporal) and soul (eternal).
3. Born once, die twice; born twice, die once! If you are born again, you have two birthdays and will not taste the spiritual death!
C. God gives us a picture of our future…
Here is what we learn from the parable…
1. Our earthly lives may not be related to our heavenly lives. Who is rich?
2. Angels carry us from this life to the next.
3. There are two separate places for the dead. They are described as places where they will experience the physical body.
4. The separate places have no contact with each other.
5. There is no crossing over from one place to the other.
6. No one in hell will desire family or friends to join them. It is a place with memory and sight.
7. Heaven is a place of eternal comfort!
D. We know heaven is far better…
1. We will enjoy eternal life in the immediate presence of God.
2. All that diminishes the quality of life on earth will be banished from heaven.
3. The heights of joy we have experienced on earth will be eclipsed in heaven.
4. Failure and its consequences will be a thing of the past. No more sin!
5. No more will we be subject to temptations of any type.
6. Knowledge will no longer be limited .
7. Limitations of the body will no longer hinder us.
8. Everything to enrich our lives will be available to us.
9. Reunion with loved ones and the formation of new relationships will make heaven a wonderful place of fellowship .
10. Heaven’s music will far surpass earth’s finest achievements!
11. There will be full satisfaction for every holy and wholesome longing and aspiration.
12. Heaven will be...far better!
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Coming Soon:
November 13: Heaven is a Place for Eternity – Part 3
November 20: Heaven is a Place for Eternity – Part 4

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