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A Theology of Motherhood
If we are trying to establish a biblical theology of motherhood, we want to see how motherhood fits in the plot of the Bible’s big story.
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Mothers demonstrate 4 Theological Characteristics:
Undying Love (vv. 1-2)
- Mothers demonstrate Love and Concern
- Our mother (in the passage) demonstrates a warped love
- Mary, mother of Jesus is an example of love and concern; she stayed with her son!
- Theological imperative: God Demonstrates love & concern for His children

Untiring Sacrifice (vv. 3-5)
- Devoted mothers make many personal sacrifices
- Our mother has a warp sense of sacrifice
- Hannah, Samuel's mother, gave up her only son; brought him a coat every year she visited him
- Theological imperative: God demonstrates sacrifice – Offered up His only Son!

Untold Influence (vv. 3-5 & 6-13)
- A mother has a tremendous opportunity to influence her children for or against God.
- Our mother has a negative influence on her son
- She puts a curse on him, blesses him and not disciplines him, honored him with a trophy!
- She's a liar and a thief, too!
- Reason: v. 6, NO KING IN ISRAEL (cf. Deut. 33:5)
- Theological imperative: Our God has a tremendous influence over our lives

Bonus: Unfailing Faith (vv. 7-13)
- The ship never got right with Micah
- Faith and repentance are interwoven
- Faith is a matter of relationship
- Cannot have faith without first having repentance