Community Church of Portage Lakes
The Lure of Temptation (James 1:12-15)
Join us for the fourth week of our series on the book of James.
Locations & Times
    Sunday 5:15 AM, Sunday 11:00 AM

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I. God’s __________ and ___________ in temptation
a. The relationship between __________ and _____________
b. God’s ___________ in allowing temptation
c. God’s ____________ in temptation
II. The ____________ of temptation and sin
a. _________ is never the source of temptation
b. Temptation is the __________ of sin, not the __________ of sin
The test does not ________ the failure – it __________ the failure
c. Temptation comes from the ____________________
III. The __________ of temptation and sin
a. We are _______ and _____________
b. Desire leads to ________________
c. Desire conceived always gives ______________
d. Sin in time always brings _______________
IV. The ______________ to temptation

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