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Tim Haring—We all have the same amount of time, but we waste it. Have the time of your life.
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Are you looking to get connected to other college-aged students? Join us at 1st Sunday Lunch, a 30-minute event with free food, games and a chance to get to know others.

Connect downtown at The Cue (222 High St.) on Thursday night at 7 pm, for Encounter—a campus worship gathering with free food, worship, and Bible discussion.

Shoeboxes are still available in the lobby. Take a box home with you, fill it, and return it to the church from November 14–21, as you make a #ipackedashoebox difference!

Now through November 20, bring new or gently used coats, hoodies, scarves, hats and gloves, and deposit them into the red barrels and bins in the lobby. They will be sorted and available for a Community Pick-up Day on Saturday, November 26. This event will be free and open to the public. Together we can share the warmth with our neighbors!

High school students are off to Camp Deep Creek for a weekend of crazy-fun games, life-changing worship and relevant life talks. Open to anyone in grades 9-12. For more info and registration, visit When: November 11-13

Starting Point Orientations will be NEXT SUNDAY, November 13, after both services. For more information go to

Ticket sales are open for the Sanctus Real Christmas Tour on December 1st! The Ridge's own worship band will start off the concert, followed by Adam Cappa, then Sanctus Real. Get info and tickets at

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More - Part 2 [November 5/6, 2016] Tim Haring

Problem: We all have the same amount of time, but we waste it.
Solution: Have the time of your life.
Our English word opportunity comes from the Latin and means “toward the port.” It suggests a ship taking advantage of the wind and tide to arrive safely in the harbor. The brevity of life is a strong argument for making the best use of the opportunities God gives us.[1] - Wiersbe

[1] Wiersbe, W. W. (1996). The Bible exposition commentary (Vol. 2, p. 47). Wheaton, IL: Victor Books.
“We should not speculate about the cause of a person’s suffering but realize that even evil can contribute to the greater glory of God.”

Artist’s rendering of the Siloam Pool, the Biblical Christian site where Jesus healed the blind man. Image: Jason Clarke

The ceremony of the water drawing was a jubilant occasion. The Mishna states, "He that has never seen the joy of the [ceremony of the water drawing] has never in his life seen joy." As the ceremony took place, Levites played lyres, trumpets, harps, cymbals, and other instruments, while other Levites sang. In the Temple area, three golden candlesticks nearly 75 feet high were lit by young boys climbing tall ladders, and the light from these candlesticks could be seen throughout all Jerusalem. Respected men of faith danced and sang in front of these candlesticks while carrying burning torches. As the ceremony progressed through the night, the priest blew the shofar three times. In the manner of the text of Isaiah 12:3, "Therefore, with joy shall ye draw water out of the wells of salvation," the evening was characterized by exuberant joy. It was a wonderful occasion that no one wanted to miss.

The Feast of Israel, Bruce Scott
· View your time as a gift from God.
· Seek to glorify God with your time, regardless of what you are doing.
· Look for opportunities to serve God and others.
· Use your time to advance God’s kingdom and his righteousness (Matthew 6:33).
Discussion Questions:

Time is a wonderful gift, but we often don’t recognize it as such. In addition, we all have the same amount of time, but we don’t always use it well. Jesus was constantly mindful of what he should do at all times. He used his time well. Sometimes that meant healing someone, and sometimes it meant getting away to get some rest or to spend time with his Heavenly Father. The following questions should help us explore how we might be better stewards of the time God as given us.

1. Would you agree with the statement that our time is a gift? Why or why not? How might we use our time differently if we view it as a gift?
2. Do you think most people feel they don’t have enough time? Explain your answer. How would you describe your own schedule? What do you think the problem is when we find we have a shortage of time?
3. Read Psalm 90:12 and Ephesians 5:15-17. What do you think it means to make the most of our time? What can we learn from these verses about how to do this?
4. Many people divide their time up between “secular” and “sacred” activities. Read 1 Corinthians 10:31. Why is it important to view everything as sacred? How might relaxing or enjoying a ball game be a spiritual activity?
5. Read John 9:1-7. Why should we be mindful of the shortness of time? How do you think Jesus knew what he should do with his time in various situations?
6. Read Matthew 6:33. What do you think it means to “seek first God’s kingdom” when it comes to our time?
7. What are some changes you might make to your schedule as a result of this study?

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