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Chris Putney | 1 Peter 1:13-25
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    Friday 7:05 PM

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How can I be holy as an exile?
Call To Holiness (vv. 13-17)
1. Have minds ready for action
2. Be sober minded
3. Set your hope on the grace of Jesus
4. Do not be conformed to the desires of your former ignorance
5. Be holy in all your conduct
6. Conduct yourselves with reverence

Fully resting in the grace of Jesus and His blood that covers you – with the help of the Spirit of God, work - hard - to conduct yourselves as you know you ought.
“As Father He does not cease to be judge. Christians are not in a position where it doesn’t matter how they live because they believe in Christ and all will be forgiven at the last judgment. On the contrary, they should live in this world, filled with its temptations, with reverence for God in the face of His judgment.” - Howard Marshall
Cost of Redemption (vv. 18-21)
Cost of Redemption (vv. 18-21)
- It took the blood of that precious and spotless lamb, Jesus.
- The great cost of our redemption should motivate us to holy living in the same way that the hope of the inheritance that is to come does.
Challenge to Love (vv. 22-25)

“One of the great pretensions of human existence is that this mortal life lasts forever.” - D.A. Carson

...But it doesn't, does it

He is the solid rock upon which our faith is built and He is the hope that endures forever.
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