Gospel Community Church
October 30: Mark 1:29-45
We continue our sermon series through Mark
Locations & Times
  • Gospel Community Church
    383 Fayette Pl, Fayetteville, GA 30214, United States
    Domingo 10:15 AM
Jesus meets our true needs, but He does not always give us what we want.
We need to adopt Jesus' priority list. Spiritual issues always outweigh circumstantial issues because what’s happening in my soul determines how I function in the circumstances I am given.
Why doesn’t Jesus give us everything we want?
1: Because we would quickly decide we don’t need the thing we need most.
2: Because He has a plan for His glory and our joy, and it includes suffering.
The truth is: we are a picture of the leper because sin distorts every part of us, so Jesus is meeting our true need by healing our sin problem.

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