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A. Angels were created as God's servants...
1. Angels have names:
- Michael - Commander-in-Chief
- Gabriel - "mighty one" Heaven's telegram-bearer
2. Angels have levels of power and authority.
- The Cherubims protect and defend (Gen. 3:24; Ps 99:1)
- Seraphims (6 wings- 2 covering their face for submission, 2 for their feet for service to the Creator, and 2 for flying).
4. Angels are superhuman in knowledge and power, possessing intelligence and will.
5. Angels will not reproduce or die.
1. Angels continually praise and glorify God.
2. Angels reveal and communicate God's message to man.
3. Angels minister to believers in protection of both spiritual and physical needs.
4. Angels execute judgment on the enemies of God.
5. Angels will accompany the Lord at His Second Coming.
C. Angels were active in Cornelius' life...
Acts of the Apostles 10:30-32 NLT

1. Angels assured him of his relationship with God.
2. Angels heard his prayers as they came before God.
3. Angels informed him to receive the baptism of the Spirit.
4. Angels gave direction to Peter’s house.
5. But…it is not likely that we have just one guardian angel in our lives.
D. Angels share in our salvation...
1. Angels witness our salvation.
2. Angels witness Christ reports of our confession or denial of Him.
3. Angels witness our lives in Christ and without Christ.
4. Angels witness our name being written in the Book of Life.
5. Angels remain hidden except on occasion when our eyes are opened to see them.
Angel Quiz: How much do you know about angels?
1. What does the word angel mean?
2. When were angels created?
3. Is God making any more angels?
4. Could you meet an angel and not know it?
5. Do angels marry?
6. Are demons and angels the same?
7. Who was freed from prison by an angel?
8. Can angels be trusted?
9. Are all angels the same?
10. Are there good angels and evil angels?
11. Do angels have wings? All angels?
12. Do angels fly with these wings?
13. Are angels omniscient?
14. How many angels are there?
15. Do angels have names?
16. Do angels have specific jobs?
17. Do angels have a language?
18. Are angels male or female?
19. Are angels limited in whom they can help?
20. Do we really have guardian angels?
Angels are not…
1. Angels are not feminine creatures.
2. Angels are not saints who have died.
3. Angels are not all good.
4. Angels are not all alike.
5. Angels do not have halos.
6. Angels do not reproduce.
7. Angels do not possess human bodies but become visible as necessary.
8. Angels are not funny-looking, little, chubby, red-faced babies with wings.
9. Angels are not going to die, so they are ageless.
10. Angels are not emotionless robots without freedom of choice.
11. Angels do not obey man and cannot intercede in prayer.
12. Angels are not to be worshiped.
Digging Deeper...for all those interested in digging deeper into this topic, there are resources in the Well Read Bookstore to assist you.
The God Questions book at $2.50 and $7.50 for follow up.
Plus, Well Read has additional materials upon request for the even more serious student!
Coming Soon:
40 Days of Prayer and Fasting (began and ends November 5 in the evening!)
November 6: Friend Day: Fact #6 – Heaven is a Place for Eternity – Part 2
Answer to the Question – What Will Heaven Be Like?
November 13: Heaven is a Place for Eternity – Part 3
November 20: Heaven is a Place for Eternity – Part 4

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