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Philippians pt. 29
The Prize ~ A Manifesto to Joy Series
Street Cred Doesn’t Impress God
Philippians 3:4-11
Confidence (πεποίθησις) root (πειθός): Absolutely persuaded, convinced
Key point: When Paul uses the word “flesh” think credentials
Two Groups of Credentials…
1st Group: Four Birth Pedigree Credentials
2nd Group: Three Professional Religious Credentials
Importance of the preposition “of” (ἐκ) and “as to” (κατά)
Vs. 5 Circumcised on the eighth day,
of the people of Israel,
of the tribe of Benjamin,
a Hebrew of Hebrews;
Vs. 6 As to the law, a Pharisee;
as to zeal, a persecutor of the church;
as to righteousness under the law, blameless
#1 Circumcised on the eighth day
#2 Of the people of Israel
ἐκ γένους Ἰσραήλ literally, “I am an Israelite by birth.”
“At the time Paul wrote, ‘Israel’ and ‘Israelite’ were terms of special significance for his compatriots. By contrast, the name ‘Jew’ was uttered by Gentiles in a rather derogatory manner. ‘Israel’ and ‘Israelite’ were designations that drew attention to the privileges of God’s people, including their high religious claims…”
Peter Thomas O’Brien, The Epistle to the Philippians: A
Commentary on the Greek Text, New International Greek Testament
Commentary (Grand Rapids, MI: Eerdmans, 1991), 370.
#4 A Hebrew of Hebrew
See: Acts 22:2
#6 As to zeal, a persecutor of the church
See: Acts 8:3; 9:1-2; 22:4-5; 26:9-11
#7 As to righteousness under the law, blameless
What are the implications of these passages to my life?