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Wednesday, 3.30.16
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    Wednesday 7:00 PM
The Chronology from Captivity to Restoration:
Ezra - Build God's House
Nehemiah - Build the Walls of Security and Strength
Esther - Individual Purpose and Fulfillment

Nehemiah has Two Divisions:
1 - The Construction of the Wall (Restoring Strength)
2 - The Reinstruction of the People (Reinforcing Strength)

Our response should mirror that of Nehemiah in chapter one, verse four.

Whenever you decide to ARISE AND BUILD there will be someone who will say I will ARISE AND OPPOSE!

Principles of Rebuilding:
1 - The People had a Mind to Work
2 - They Started Immediately

Attitudes You Can't Build With:
I don't need your help...
If you want my help, you'll have to ask...
I'm too busy doing my own thing...
I'm not helping you because...

Bro. Jason & Sis. Amanda - Away for Dad's Funeral
Claude and Nancy - Sis. Brenda's Friends
Amber Lea Pratt

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