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Sherri Drury May 10, 2020
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Yes we can pray for God to do something for me. But we should also pray, God what can I do for you?

How about praying the dangerous prayer SEND ME.
Series Focus: Following Jesus was never meant to be SAFE.
Praying this prayer is only the first step

The second is deciding, are we going to obey or ignore God when He answers.
Prepare Our Heart -- Learn from Jonah

•. Work through any PREJUDICES you might have.

•. Watch and be ready for your SECOND CHANCE.
Prepare Our Heart -- Be inspired by Isaiah

•. Become keenly aware of the awesome PRESENCE AND CHARACTER of God.
• If you have experienced God's holiness, goodness, grace and love in a life-altering way...why aren't you already praying this prayer?

•. DEAL WITH SIN and let God prepare you for his sending.
Step out and Act


•. Do the SMALL things first.
Next Step:

1. Prepare your heart
2. Start praying this prayer daily
3. Do the small things first
Discussion Questions
1. How was the prayer audit for you? What new insights did you learn?

2. Do you tend to learn more from the Bible characters that struggle, or more from the inspirational ones? Why?

3. Did you discover any preferences or prejudices that may be obstacles to you praying the prayer SEND ME and obeying God’s call? What will you do about those?

4.Can you relate at all with the Israelites desire to bask in the light of God more than their desire to share the light with other people who were living in darkness? How?

5. What lesson from Jonah and Isaiah spoke to your current situation most: Being reluctant and scared? Running from God’s call? Not letting a life-altering experience with God move you to a place of surrender? Getting stuck in “Woe is Me” unworthiness? Not dealing with your sin in preparation of being sent? Explain.

6. Does a second-chance-calling from God (like Jonah receive) feel more like a “hounding” or a great hope? How so?

7. Is reluctance to pray SEND ME more of your current problem, or is IMPULSIVITY to want God to call you to something BIG more of your current problem? What do you feel like God is telling you to do or change?

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