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Life Without Control - October 30 | Leawood
God's Severe Mercy - 9:00 & 10:45am
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Conversation Starters – Daniel 4:1-37
TAKEAWAY: What was a key idea that stood out to you from this sermon?
SCRIPTURE: Read Daniel 4:28-33. We see that King Nebuchadnezzar’s pride led him to live like a beast. Andrew talked about how pride dehumanizes us. What is meant by this? How does pride make us less human?
OPENING UP: Pride is manifested in many ways. We see it in the person who brags about their accomplishments (or the accomplishments of their kids) and we see it in the person who sulks in self pity. While they look different, the person in both situations is focused on themselves. In what ways do you see pride in your life?
IMAGINE: What did it look like for Nebuchadnezzar to delight in someone bigger than himself? Why is it important for our own lives? What might it look like for us?
ASSESSING HABITS: How can we learn to recognize pride and practice humility? Is there anything in Daniel’s story or Christ’s that show us what it looks like seek humility?
PRAY: Pride is a pernicious sin that truly is the root of so many other sins. But what amazing truth we have and we see in the person of Jesus. Read Philippians 2:3-11 together to begin your time in prayer. As you confess and pray over your pride see Jesus as the one who came to be humbled for you that you might be exalted. See your humble suffering servant King nailing your pride to the cross.
Title: God's Severe Mercy
Scripture: Daniel 4:1-37
Speaker: Andrew Jones,

>> Pride deceives, dehumanizes, and destroys.
>> God is severe but merciful.
>> Delight in Someone bigger than you.
>> It is better to be humbled by God than to be exalted by anyone else.

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