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True Religion - Power of the Tongue
James 1:26-27
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    2530 Johnston Oehler Rd, Charlotte, NC 28269, USA
    Sunday 10:00 AM
· Father – We pray to the Father in the Name of Jesus
· Jehovah Rophe– Exodus 15:22-26 The Lord who Heals
· Jehovah Nissi– Exodus 17:8-15 The Lord My Banner
· Jehovah Jireh– Genesis 22:14 – the Lord has provided
Jehovah Shalom– Judges 6:24 The Lord sends Peace

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For Further Study:

Community Group Homework
For the week of October 23, 2016

(Questions and Scriptures for further personal study)


As you listened to the Pastor Mike’s teaching on the power of the tongue, what stood out to you? What was God saying to you?


1. Think through your “confession”, your conversations or even your “self-speak” (conversations you have with yourself). Are you building yourself up in faith and encouraging others? What truth do you need to confess to strengthen your “inner man?”

2. Revelation 12:11 states that the believer overcomes by the blood of the Lamb and the word of our Testimony.

What is your testimony?
Is your testimony fresh or just a story from your past?

2. Mike taught us the power of prayer to the Father in the Name of Jesus. As he listed various names attributed to Jehovah God, which name captured your heart? Why?

Jehovah Ropha – God our Healer
Jehovah Jireh – God our Provider
Jehovah Nissi – God my Banner
Jehovah Shalom – God is Peace

3. When we use our tongue to confess our faith in God through praise and worship, we invite God’s Presence and Power. Can you think of a time that you experienced freedom in such a setting? How did that impact your life and the lives of others?

Is your worship a response to the presence of God or a confession of faith that invites Him to come and set prisoners free? How you respond determines how you approach gatherings of believers.

4. Tips for taming the tongue
· Admit you need help.
· Pray daily about it.
· Don’t excuse it.
· Confess it and move on.
· Seek accountability