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A. There are four version of origin offered...
1. Natural Selection: Over time, random mutations present some creatures with environmental advantage over their peers and those stronger traits are reproduced. “Survival of the fittest” and reproduction of those.
2. Theistic Evolution: God began life millions of years ago and then natural selection is responsible for the biological complexity and diversity.
3. Intelligent Design: Comprises a variety of thought but all believing that design is evidence for a designer.
4. Biblical Creationism: God created exactly as the Bible says. In this, there are young earth and old earth enthusiasts.
1. God said, "Let there be..."
2. And it was so..."And that is what happened."
4. God gave a benediction by naming and marking each day.
5. God began with a formless and empty world.
6. In days 1-3, He formed the earth.
7. In days 4-6, He filled the earth.
C. Some evidences for the Bible and Creation story...
1. Population growth would be an argument for young earth.
3. If the earth had a beginning, it had to have a "Beginner"! (The God Questions, pages 137-138)
D. Do you have to assassinate your brain to believe in the Creation account?
1. Science and faith are not in conflict. They both desire to discover and pursue truth.
2. There are many scientists with strong faith. (The God Questions, pages 174-176)
3. Pascal's wager (The God Questions, page 171-172)
For more research and videos on this topic:

Institute for Creation Institute
Digging Deeper...for all those interested in digging deeper into this topic, there are resources in the Well Read Bookstore to assist you.
The God Questions book at $2.50 and $7.50 for follow up.
Plus, Well Read has additional materials upon request for the even more serious student!
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October 30: Fact #6 – Heaven is a Place for Eternity
Answer to the Question – What Will Heaven Be Like?
November 6: Friend Day (End of 40 Days)

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