LNBC - 9:45 Service
Finding Strength in Crisis
Dr. Bobby Blanton
Locations & Times
  • Lake Norman Baptist Church
    7921 Sam Furr Rd, Huntersville, NC 28078, USA
    Sunday 8:30 AM, Sunday 9:45 AM
When we rely on our own strength…
1. It can lead us into discouragement. [Chapter 27]
· Discouragement often prompts us to ignore the promises of God. [27:1]
· Discouragement often leads to impulsive decisions. [27:1]
· Discouragement often comes after a hard fought victory. [Chapter 26]
2. It can lead us to a life of compromise. [Chapter 27]
· Compromise will often make it appear in the moment that you’ve made the right decision. (27:4)
· Compromise often hurts innocent people. [27:2]
3. It can lead us into spiritual decay.
Five penetrating questions…
· Was there ever a time when you were nearer to God than you are now?
· Was there ever a time when you read the Bible more, or enjoyed it more than now?
· Was there ever a time when you prayed more, when you had your prayers answered more frequently?
· Was there ever a time when you had a stronger witness for the Lord and won more people to Jesus?
· Was there ever a time when you were more completely absorbed in the Lord’s business?
Lessons we learn from David’s Story:
· Rearrange—A crisis will rearrange our priorities.
· Remind—A crisis should remind us of God’s greater purpose.
· Return—A crisis is intended to drive us back to the source of our greatest strength.
But David found strength in the Lord his God. (30:6)

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