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A. How can a good God allow suffering?
1. God is infinitely wise; all-knowing; omniscient.
2. God is infinitely powerful; all-powerful; omnipotent.
3. God is infinitely present; all-present; omnipresent.
4. God is infinitely loving; all-loving at all times!
B. There are two kinds of evil in this world, and two ways to respond...
1. There is natural evil. This is evil that is produced through nature as in floods, tornadoes, etc.
2. Because of free will, there is moral evil. This is evil inflicted on a person or a group by another person or a group. It is said this accounts for 95% of the evil in our world.
3. One response is logical and appeals to the mind and generally is not beneficial when someone is in the midst of pain.
4. A second response is more feeling-based and appeals to the emotions. Most people in pain have a hard time listening to logic. The wounded really want comfort.
“Maybe sometimes God keeps us in the dark about ‘why’ not so much
because He wants to keep using the dark, as because He knows we are
incapable of absorbing so much light.” Phillip Yancey
In response to Job’s questions:
“For God to try to explain the kinds of things Job wants explained would be like Einstein explaining relativity to a little-neck clam.” Frederick Buechner
C. God will always use the trials and suffering that come into our lives...
1. God uses them to build patience, character, and faith.
2. God may use them to discipline.
3. God may use them to build dependence on Him.
4. God will always use them to help us become more like Jesus.
5. God will always use them to help us comfort others.
6. God will use them to bring glory to Him.
7. Sometimes, we just don't know!
D. Jesus made a promise that is not always welcomed...
2. We all have choices of how we handle the trouble! You can either become bitter or better!
3. We all have the option of peace!
4. And no matter what the trial or suffering…it is temporary as Jesus has overcome it for each of us! So fix your eyes on Jesus!
Digging Deeper--for all those interested in digging deeper into this topic, there are resources in the Well Read Bookstore to assist you.
- The God Questions book ($2.50 gift edition & $7.50 followup study)
- Additional materials are available upon request for the serious student!
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October 30: Fact #6 – Heaven is a Place for Eternity
Answer to the Question – What Will Heaven Be Like?
November 6: Friend Day (End of 40 Days)

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