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When we take steps forward we make progress! In our message series, STEPS, we will all look to take a step forward in 5 areas of growth in our walk with the Lord.
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What is the essence of personal evangelism?

Meeting people where they are at (geographically, culturally, spiritually)

Moving them to where God wants them to be
What is the most basic element of personal evangelism?

Extracting oneself from your circle of comfort and putting ourselves into the zone of the unknown

Jesus exemplified this when He extracted himself from haven and walked across the cosmos into the earth (Philippians 2)

The average person takes 10,000 steps each day (115,000 in a lifespan which would allow us to walk around planet earth four times)

Personal evangelism begins when we take approximately 10 steps (1/1,000th of our daily average) walk across the room, yard, office, driveway or restaurant
What are 5 principles we learn from Jesus’ steps of personal evangelism?

LOOK for divine appointments (John 4:4)
Jesus had to pass through Samaria
He had a divine appointment with the women at the well

LEAVE your comfort zones (John 4:4-6)
Where did Jesus go? Samaria which was a place Jews avoided
How far did Jesus travel? 7 miles out of His way
What time did Jesus arrive? 6th hour (noon), the hottest time of day
What was the result of His journey? Weary; Leaned against the well

LOVE lost people
What did this woman have going against her?
This woman was a Samaritan
This woman was a woman (see v27)This woman was very immoral

Why did this woman go to the well at high noon?
All other women would have went in the early morningShe wanted to be sure that no other woman would be at the well

LEARN to start conversations
Put friendliness over function (smile; be a greeter)
Ask questions
Notice the obviousAsk about themAsk questions needing more than a yes/no answer

LISTEN for a common interest
Jesus asked the woman for a drink
For Jesus and the woman at the well the common interest was water

LAND the spiritual plane
Jesus used curiosity (v10-14)
The Samaritan women used an invitation (v28-29, 39-42)

Step 1: Pray daily for a specific person who does not know Jesus
Step 2: Invite a person who does not know Jesus to church
Step 3: Share your testimony w/ someone who doesn’t know Jesus
What is the greatest value of personal evangelism?

The greatest value of personal evangelism is being attuned to and cooperating with the Holy Spirit in that moment

The Holy Spirit does not always lead us to dump the whole load every time

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