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In Everything Give Thanks!
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How to unload unhappiness:
1. Forgive others.
Forgiveness is an emotional DELETE button.
Forgiveness looks forward.
Un-forgiveness looks backward.
3. Feed your faith with optimism.
When you’re too weary to hold out, just hold on.
Questions for Life Groups:
1. Reread 1 Thessalonians 5:16-18. The Bible instructs us to not allow bad moods to control our attitude; instead we should have a right attitude which helps us to our control bad moods. How can Christ-followers maintain a right attitude? Give an example.
2. Identify a time you forgave someone in order to regain your joy in life. What life-lessons did forgiveness teach you?
3. Flexibility means being content when circumstances don’t go the way we planned. In what ways can Christ-followers be content instead of being disappointed when plans don’t work out the way we expected?
4. As Christ-followers we are to feed our faith; we are to be hopeful and optimistic. How do you feed your faith? In what ways do you strengthen your hope?
5. What positive, faith-building steps can Christ-followers take when circumstances seem the worst?
6. What are some mentally healthy and mentally unhealthy prayers to pray when circumstances are negative? Give examples.