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When we take steps forward we make progress! In our message series, STEPS, we will all look to take a step forward in 5 areas of growth in our walk with the Lord.
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The Prayer Life of Jesus was a PRIORITY (v35a, 37)

It was FIRST
In the early morning (v35)

While it was still dark (v35)
This may have been as early as 4am
He spent the whole night in prayer
It was FIXED

The long day previous did not deter Him (Mark 1:14-34)
He preached (v14-15)
He called Simon and Andrew (v16-18)
He called James and John (v19-20)
He taught in the synagogue (v21-22)
He cast out a demon (v23-28)
He healed Simon’s mother-in-law (v29-31)
After dark…they begin bringing many to Him (v32-33)
He heals many (v34)

The busy day ahead did not deter Him (v36-37)

His disciples searched for Him (v36)
Everyone is looking for You (v37)
The Prayer Life of Jesus was PERSONAL (v35b-36)

Jesus left the house (v35)
Jesus went away to a secluded place (v35)
No one knew where Jesus was or what He was doing (v36)
Jesus often prayed in solitude (Luke 5:16; 6:12; MT 14:23)
The Prayer Life of Jesus was PREPARATORY(v38-39)

His prayer life brought Him direction (v38)
His prayer life brought Him power (v39)
The Prayer Life of Jesus was a PATTERN (1 John 2:6)

The WORDS involved

“Says” = Present tense showing continual action
“Ought” = A obligation as opposed to an option
“Walk” = Present tense showing continual action
The WITNESS involved

Following Christ’s example is a common Biblical theme

1 John 1:7 = Walk in the light as He is in the light
1 John 3:3 = Purify yourself just as He is pure
1 John 3:7 = Practice righteousness as He is righteous
Eph 4:32 = Forgive others as God has forgiven you
Eph 5:25 = Love your wives as Christ loved the church
Rom 15:7 = Accept one another as Christ accepted you
Following the example of Christ should include prayer

Do you make prayer a daily priority in your life?

Is your prayer life a personal time with God, free from all distractions?

Is prayer your number one source to prepare you for decisions and ministry?

Step 1: Pray 2 minutes a day
Step 2: Pray 15 minutes a day
Step 3: Fast and pray for 1 day

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