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Proverbs 31:1-9

Proverbs 31:1-9 TPT

King Lemuel’s royal words of wisdom: These are the inspired words my mother taught me. Listen, my dear son, son of my womb. You are the answer to my prayers, my son. So keep yourself sexually pure from the promiscuous, wayward woman. Don’t waste the strength of your anointing on those who ruin kings— you’ll live to regret it! For you are a king, Lemuel, and it’s never fitting for a king to be drunk on wine or for rulers to crave alcohol. For when they drink they forget justice and ignore the rights of those in need, those who depend on them for leadership. Strong drink is given to the terminally ill, who are suffering at the brink of death. Wine is for those in depression in order to drown their sorrows. Let them drink and forget their poverty and misery. But you are to be a king who speaks up on behalf of the disenfranchised and pleads for the legal rights of the defenseless and those who are dying. Be a righteous king, judging on behalf of the poor and interceding for those most in need.

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