God's Goals For Your Roles: Devotions From Time Of Grace Ministry

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Who am I?

Who was I as a child? What kind of teenager was I? How did people see me as a young adult, and what am I like now as someone who is middle-aged? What kind of senior citizen will I be?

Does this sound like a load of introspective navel gazing? Well, it's good to be self-aware. We are all caught up in many webs of relationships. Each bond that we have with another human being brings with it various obligations and benefits.

We have all been frustrated by the way other people have treated us. And we'd all have to admit that we have caused our share of pain to others by our own confusion, carelessness, ignorance, or just plain malice.

This reading plan will offer you a daily thought about your life from our wonderful God. It is my hope that you will see yourself more and more as a priceless creation, expensively redeemed by Christ, powered up by the Spirit, and able to change and grow and improve the way you treat other people in whatever roles God has called you.

--Pastor Mark Jeske