Why Do We Call It Christmas?

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The word “Christmas” comes from the traditional Christ’s Mass, a special church service that celebrated Jesus’ birth. It became our word Christmas! Jesus has lots of names that we hear at Christmastime – Jesus, the Messiah, Christ, Emmanuel. Can you think of any others? “Jesus” was a common name at the time of Jesus’ birth. It came from the Hebrew name “Yeshua,” which means “Yahweh saves.” (Yahweh is a name for God.) So the angel Gabriel told Joseph that they should name Mary’s baby Jesus, because he would save his people. The word “Christ” is a Greek word that means anointed. So Jesus Christ was the anointed one who would save his people from their sin! Our word Christmas reminds us that this is a holiday all about the birth of Christ. Let’s pray and ask God to help keep our hearts focused on Him during this season.

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Connect modern traditions with Jesus' birth in this reading plan from: What's in the Bible? Santa Claus? Christmas trees? What do these things have to do with Jesus? More than you think! Each reading plan contains a video, Scripture reading, and short reflection. Based on Phil Vischer's Buck Denver Asks - Why Do We Call It Christmas?


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