Armor Of God

Day 2 of 5 • This day’s reading

Paul wasn’t asking in prayer that the Ephesian believers would receive their abundant inheritance of spiritual riches, blessings, power, and authority, but that they would realize it was theirs. As Christians, they already possessed these things, just as we do. But until they realized it, what good could it accomplish?

In reality, the spiritual armor he describes in Ephesians 6 is merely a repeat of—a different way of describing—what Paul had been explaining in the first portion of the letter. How could they “put on” or “take up” things they didn’t know they had? The first step for them—the first step for us—in utilizing the spiritual resources we’ve been given is to have our spiritual eyes opened so that we can see them.

The story of Elisha and his vision-impaired servant in 2 Kings 6 is one of my absolute favorite stories in the Bible. The setting is a battle about to ensue between the enraged king of Aram and the nation of Israel.

Elisha’s servant got an eyeful. At first, he could only see the enemy, which likely left him no other response than fear and anxiety.

But then he immediately became tuned in to a game-changing spiritual reality: more was at his disposal and working on his behalf than he could have ever imagined. What his physical eyes could see were no match for what they couldn’t see. Elisha’s prayer helped make him aware of all the resources and strength on his side fighting against the enemy.

To be confident and victorious, you’ve got to be able to “see” it.

In Ephesians 1, Paul accentuates just a few of the gifts God has given us. There are many more, and each one connects specifically with your spiritual armor and weapons. The first key to understanding how they all fit into your ability to pin down the enemy is vision. You cannot use them if you’re not able to fully recognize them, if you’re not aware of their availability and their importance in successfully waging war against the enemy.

Victory starts here. It starts today. It starts with a prayer for vision.

So join Paul in asking the Lord to open your eyes more fully so you can not only detect the enemy’s activity, but can also be fully aware of what God has given you to disarm and defeat him in your life.