She Reads Truth: Thanksgiving : Day 1


It’s the season of thankfulness and we’re not shying away from it here at SheReadsTruth! What could be better than setting aside some time this season to corporately explore the ways we can express thankfulness to the Lord in our day to day lives?

Imagine if we established rhythms of thankful praise in the next few weeks together that transcended past November? What if we just became the kind of women who not only read God’s Word and are changed by it, but who are known by our grateful, gracious, thanks-filled hearts throughout the year.

During this plan, we’ll read Psalms, meditate on hymns -- we’ll skip around the Old and New Testament as we wrap our days in thanksgiving. We are so excited you’ll be joining us and we are so grateful that God’s word won’t leave us the same when we’re done.

To Him, About Him

There are lots of different types of prayers in the Bible. Prayers of sorrow, repentance, victory, petition and more. Each one of them actually tells a part of The Story, but they also teach us how we can talk to God.

In Psalm 95, David sings a song of praise to the Lord. And you know what I love about it? What I learn from it? David doesn’t praise the Lord by talking about David. David praises God by talking about God.

Do you know that it is your job to glorify God? We are created specifically to bring Him glory - to reflect Him. That’s why he made us. And in this prayer, David does his job. He glorifies God by recounting what the Lord has done. He talks to Him about Who He is.

So often I pray thanks to the Lord for protection, for my family, for His good gifts and for provision. Of course, this gives Him glory. But what if we turn the focus from ourselves totally and completely? What about a prayer to the Lord that is all about Him? Prayer is meant to change us. And when our prayers are focused on Him, we will most certainly be transformed.

Take time today to study David’s prayer. Then, quiet yourself and pray a prayer today that is free from petition or repentance or sorrow (you can, of course, pray those prayers later!). Pray to the Rock of Salvation, calling out His names to Him and naming His great works. Let today’s quiet time equip you for the noise of the day to come. And let this full-focus on our Maker give you a security that only He can give.

For his glory!

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