Propaganda - The Overflow Devo : Day 2

Be Present

Who’s NOT guilty of being in a conversation with someone where you heard every word but wasn't listening at all! That’s the story of my life! I seem so distracted. Constantly looking forward, whether it is to secure provision for my family, planning my next career move, or looking back and being paralyzed by memories of past hurts so I don’t make any moves for fear of a repeat. Not to mention these super awesome smart phones that I cant live with out! (Team iPhone!!!) I’m never in the moment. I miss the ONE THING God has given to me...NOW.

Jesus makes it very clear that tomorrow is not promised. He uses a beautiful illustration of how birds are not stressed out, addicted to caffeine, like me, and not worried about what’s next, but the Father takes perfect care of them. He asks the rhetorical question “which of you can add 1 inch to your height by worrying!”

Today, let's echo the prayer of the Psalmist in Psalm 90:12, “teach us to number our days”. All we really have is, now. Lets live in the good of the!

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